Queer(y)ing the Disabled Body: 

Sex, Love, (Un-)visibilities, Temporalities

Friday 12 November / Saturday 13 November 2021

An online seminar on sexualities, bodies and aesthetic cultures

Call for Abstracts

With this conference, we place the aesthetics of the disabled body centre-stage as a queer(y)ing of the normative modalities of beauty, sex, love and desirability. We particularly challenge the tensions between being/not being seen, and the paradox of invisibility and visibility. Indeed, attempts to trouble the conventions of sexuality as oppositions to the tyranny of the normal (C. Lord & R. Meyer 2019) are implicitly woven into the historical fabric of the representation of sexualities and bodies.

About us

This event is organised by Jean-Philippe Imbert  and Dr Sarah Meehan O'Callaghan  

(SALIS, DCU) . We are both members of EROSS@DCU, a research  group at Dublin City University which  recognises the intersectional  nature of gender and sex matters, and their intrinsic relationship to our experiences in the world as intimate, social and political beings. 

Programme Information

You will find here information on the online programme, the details of which will be finalised after 19th of July 2021.

The Registration fee is € 25 .
Back in March 2021 we had organised a first online conference on a similar topic (Disabilities/Sexualities) please see previous programme and recordings.

Deadline for abstract submission
Friday 20 August 2021

Answers from organisers           
 Friday 27 August 2021 

Online Seminar                           
Friday 12 & Saturday 13 November 2021